There are many different types of theatres. In New York, a show given the title of Broadway becuase it was perfmored on one of the stages down the street of Broadway. Any upcoming or popular show that isn’t performed on a Broadway stage is classified as an Off-Broadway production. Overall there isn’t much difference between On and Off-Broadway however most shows can be considered recogniable or easily gain populairty if performed on Broadway.

Reginal theatres are commonly refered to for the major theatres in the city. For Australia, the regional theatres are places such as the Opera House, Capitol Theatre and the Sydney Lyric Theatre

Types of Theatres

there are many differrent types of stages

Izzy Watkins EPQ- Directing a play: Sets and Stages
proscenium stage
most common stage used in theatres
Audience seating for Thrust stage | Outdoor theater, Junie b jones,  Creative project
thrust stage
part of the stage thrust into the
audience for closer emersion
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theatre in the round
circular seating with entrances and exist up
the isle of the audience
also be known as the arean stage.
Types of Theatre Spaces
black box theatre
lined seating surrounding stage in square
formation with black room / background

Outdoor Stages

There are very few outdoor theatres. In ancient greek times they would perform plays in amphitheatres due to the natural curve upwards, with refined seating for the audience. In more modern times, amphitheatres are not as commonly used, most are infact ignored. however they are still capable of providing a natural outdoor setting for any show. Some large parks also have built in stages highrised for small gatherings and performances such as carols in the park.

43 Best Langford - Park Stage images | Outdoor theater, Outdoor stage,  Architecture
pre-exsisting park stages
History of Ancient Theatre
amphitheatres used in ancient greek times

Creative Spaces

Creative spaces are made up of any type of hall that can be make into a stage. These places can include small churches, community / council halls and art centers. These centers can be designed to be in the shape of an amphitheatre with high rised seating, black box and or theatre in the round with surrounding seats.

Most creative spaces that get transformed usually are made of the basic proscenium stage layout with the stage at one end of the hall and the seats filling up the rest.