Sound System and Lighting Bay

The lighting board and sound desk are usually in the same place or even the same desk. The sound desk is used to level out any electronics on stage such as microphones to ensure that they are turned on at the right times and not so overpowering that it effects the performance. They are incharge of handlig the lighting systems and any hand held spotlights. The technical director over sees the progress of the crew and insures that everything accurs on time and effeciently

Electrical Department

The electical department is incharge of any and everything electroic. In case of potential damage to microphones it is always best for someone from the electrical department to remove the microphones. They are the ones inchage of the lighting and sound bay. If there is any poticular type of lighting such as shillouette lighting or the use og gels then they will be the ones to man the lights.

Special Effects

Some of the special effects that may be used are specific types of soun dthat can’t be made from regular instruments. Sounds like a school bell ringing or the echo of a voice are special effects that are handled by the electrical department. A more dangerous form of special effects is pyrotechnics. If practiced and performed incorrectly it can cause injury however if done properly then the effect can be a memorable experience.


For most productions they use microphone packs that clip to the inside of your outfit and come around your ear. This is the basic / standard microphone that is commonly used in shows. However it is not uncommon for small shows not to have them because it is easier to just talk a little louder because of small housing arrangements.