The program is a small booklet which holds the information about the actors in the show. They contain a small biography expressing their accomplishements and abilities. The program has a headshot photo of all members of the cast and their names. Each progam has a directors blog which is a small note from the director about the process of the show as a way to help hype up the perfomance. It will also have a list of all the orchestra as well as any other member who assisted in the process and creation of the show.


A bio is a small passage usually about the main actors. These actors are the ones with main speaking roles. The bio is no longer then a paragraph about the past achievemnts of the actor. It will have a headshot with their name beside it and who they play. The bio will inlcued information such as any previous shows that the performaer has been in and any special achievements in the feild of performing arts.


Posters and adds are one of the best ways to promote a show. Putting an add up on social media can be rather costly however handing out or putting up posters withthe name, time and place ofthe show with an eye catching logo and colour have been proven to be effective in bringing attention to the production.

Mouth to mouth promotions are the most common though. It is significatly easier to just tell your friends and family to attent and to ask if they would like their other friends to attend. its a nice way to get people you know to see you perform and it gives other people the oppotunity to experience something new.

Merch + Cast Shirts

The cast shirt is something that every show has, it is a black t-shirt with the names of everyone one who was a part of the show. It also has the name of the show on the back and the icon for the show / logo for the show on the front in the top left hand side. These shirts can be screen printed on or hand made using iron on transfer paper.

For larger shows they will make merchandise, this is a great way to gain profit from the production to be put towards the next show. merchandise can consist of clothing items such as shirts, hoodies and hats, or small trinkets and hand held items. Mugs and keychains are popular forms of merchendise because it is something that will be used on a bag or used frequently such as the mug. Calico bags with the logo on it are also a very popular form of merchandise. Most people enjoy having a small memorabelia from am show if they enjoyed it. The most purchased ones are often ones that can be used a lot so as to not go to waist.

Attatched are the templates to a flower cover and bookmarks. These can be used to promote a show or a company. The flower covers can also be used as a gift to the cast at the end of a show, containing a rose or flower of choice or a chocolate