This pages intention is to guide you to places to hire / licence a production.

The three most popular and common froms of hiring a musical is through the websites of Hal Leonard, Origin teatrical and Musical theatre internsaional. Each websit ehas their own cost ofr porductions however a common factor os the more recent or more popular the more expensive it is to puchase. Another thing that they all share is that disney musicals are the most expensive.

If you are wanting ot keep costs to a minimum, it is possible to stage musicals which are out of the copywrite period such as those of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Copywrite has become an increasingly more prominant throughout socictey. This is why it is important to licence the production.

Hal Leonards licensing platrom was created for all aspiring artists in performing arts. Their website is used to licence shows to companies both profesional and amateur theatre companies, schools, orchestras and more. It is a worldwide distribution platform.

Origin Theatrical is an austrailian based licensing program. They have gained the oppotunity to distribute shows from professional pkaywrites and composers.

Musical Thetare International is an easy to follow guide on how to purchase the rights to a musical. They hold a wide verity to chose from however they have more of the lesser know productions as well as ‘Broadway for Kids’. These are shows that have been on Broadway or are popular dysney movies and shows that have been made into stage productions but have been slightly altered to be performed by younger actors. However that is not to say that they do not have popular productions.