This page is to inform you about tips and tricks on the cost of production. This includes overall costs and ways to ease the cost off your shoulders.

Personal Cost

Personal cost focuses on the hire of people to make the show run smoothly. They are different from the actors, they can be management teams such as directors and producers, tech crew, backstage hands, and more. whether or not these people are hired for the weeks of production or dedicating their time to this throughout the entire show or volunteers to run minor jobs, they all count.

Going through life you meet people who are interested in the same things as you. It is important to keep connections with people who you can enjoy hobbies with. When starting a show it helps to rely on people you know to lighten the load.

For simple ways to lift costs on stuff like props, costuming and helping hands is to get the cast involved. Small productions are able to have get their cast members to source their own outfits to create a character of their own and put a personal touch on it. The best way to get all types of clothes for cheap is to go op-shopping.

Another way to save is to have friends and family help out backstage and in prop making.


Once the initial cost has been evaluated it is a great idea to use fundraising as a way to help minimize cost out of pocket. Common forms of fundraising are back sales and $1 Freddo frog boxes. Something that larger shows do is also hold merchandise for sale on the show at the box office. besides ticket sales, selling merch is the fastest way to make a profit.

Entrance / Participation

Being a part of productions is a lot of hard work but very rewarding, it can build friendships that may very well last lifetimes. At the start of a show if you have been accepted after your audition you then pay a participation fee and sign a contract saying you will abide by the laws of Copywrite and will spend your time at rehearsals diligently. By paying this fee, the funds go towards

Ticket costs allow for payment of stuff such as the sound and lighting, sets, and costumes. By making a profit it will go towards the next production.


Sponsorship’s from companies outside of musical theatre are rare, they are mainly for big-time productions on Broadway and or shows that have been featured on Broadway and are playing in big theatres like the capital or the opera house. However, if the production is run by a company and they ask for you to audition or be a part of it then that in itself is a sponsorship.

Overall Cost

The overall cost will vary from show to show. Many factors will effect the cost. These factors may be price of the show, numbers of cast, theatre performed in, cost of technicall equipment such as lighting bay and sound desk and microphones. Also some shows rely on the promotion of a show, if thsi is unsuccessful then the show can be a very big pinch out of pocket.

Show costs can rage anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.