One of the best things to tie together a show is the costuming. While performing in drama blacks is effective, it is always fun to dress up in the style and colour and the show. Some shows have iconic clothing that has become a part of any performance even from a different company. Heathers the Musical has iconic clothing that all 3 Heathers have matching outfits.

Lots of productions will have a budget on clothing and go to op shops to get all possible items. Costume shops and party shops are always good ways to find or make accessories.

Set Designs

lots of small productions dont have a backdrop, not having a backdrop isn’t alwasy bad, it helps in bring the show forward closer to the audience instead of staying tied to the back.

Some well funded shows have multiple fabric backdrops that get lowered and raised to create the settings. Many of which may even be a projection of the setting againt a black wall.

Rearly there are shows that have an led light board behind that graphics can by played to fill in spaces of musics and small visual fillins. these are very difficult because they can be very finicy and may not always work.

Set designs can be based around the front or have a second raised level behind to proved demnsions. Set designs and backdrops are based aorund the setting of the moment, if in a school setting there may be a set of lockers off to the side.

One of the biggest issues with small theatres is that unlike a large theatre there is almost no room for the orchestra. A large theatre will have an orchestra pit however in a small theatre they will have the orchresta in unique places. somtimes they slipt the seating of the audience and have them play in the gap. they have even had highrised seating with the orchestra seaten underneath.


There are many ways of having as minimal props on stage at any given time. Some props can double as a notification of a scene change and / or as a background item. These types of props are usually large, an example of which is a wardrobe on wheels and the back side is a set of school lockers. The change of flipping the wardrobe will indicate the change in scenery.

for smaller hand held props they can be souced from local 2 dollar shops. Also for smaller productions items such as probs can be made by the cast in team building excursises, same with the backdrops.

There are places that make props spesifically for shows and sell them however depending on what is purchased it can be rather costly. These places also make clothes that are needed in a show for the audiene to undertsand. Beauty and the Beast is an exellent example of costumes tying the concept and show together.


If the show is held on a budget then stuff like clothing can be sourced by the cast members themselves for smaller shows. Doing this will allow for the ensumble to put their own spin on their characters. It gives them the chance to express themselves throughtout the show even if they didn’t get a lead role.

Some shows can have props that fit the style of the show and only be made out of cardboard. In Bye Bye Birdie there was a scene that had all the teenagers calling eacher gossiping throught the song, by having popart styled colourful cut outs of phones with elastics it gave the appeal of colour, craftsmanship, creativity and it was only cardboard.

There are simple and effective ways for a show to be decorated without drawing out of a massive budget to do so.